• Beemem update Beeminder goals from Memrise data
  • Beeminder Goals large-thumbnail page of my personal goals
  • Beeminder Showcase curated list of interesting Beeminder goals
  • Candide Presentation presentation in French about Voltaire's Candide
  • Commonsense text specification for resisting authorship analysis
  • Context create desktop contexts with custom entry/exit actions
  • CV ruby generate a resumé of your Github activity!
  • Dotfiles my configuration files
  • Entrails call flow logging/tracing in Python programs
  • Expenses simple web app to visualize recurring expenses
  • jekyll-footnotes jekyll/liquid footnotes/references plugin
  • Latin Tools haskell print and quiz Latin declensions via Haskell
  • Log record stuff that happens
  • Maths Sheets sequence of 8 sheets to stretch students before University
  • Poly symbolic polynomial calculus in Rust
  • Quantum rust advanced Rust quantum computer simulator
  • World virtual world with flora/semi-intelligent fauna, written in C