learning German from scratch

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I'm using this page as the central place to record my German language learning progress. It consists of a journal and a scratchpad of resources and ideas.


  • April 2016 have been doing Duolingo course; thinking about going to Berlin langauge school
  • October 2015 signed up to 1.5hr/week "year 3" evening course; started top 5000 word memrise course and A2 memrise course
  • September 2014 signed up to 2hr/week evening course at southampton university. going through asimil and teach yourself german books methodically.
  • 24 Jul 2014 ordered Smarter German - am learning A1 content currently. also reading Ferien in Frankfurt.
  • 21 Jul 2014 memrise course is buggy on phone. downloaded similar anki deck to phone. also got michel thomas german course on MP3.
  • Jul 2014 committed to learning; started beginner-level vocab/grammar; completed this memrise basic course; ordered two books


  • Hammer's German Grammar and Usage
  • Schaum's Grammar Outline
  • smarter german video grammar course
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